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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day welcomes the perfect opportunity to display your affections for your loved one. Explore the most divine gifts to honor your loved ones.
What Is the Most Expensive Gemstone?

When it comes to gemstones, price is always a point of interest. Whether a gem is up to grade, how big it is, and where it comes from are all discussed when determining price. If any of these factors are...

How Much Are Wedding Bands?

We all know the stories about engagement rings. They are associated with big decisions, high stakes, stress, and lots of research. Designs need to be impeccable, secrets need to be kept perfectly, and the reception must be positive. An engagement...

Is a Ruby a Diamond?

If you know Mark Henry, you know how much we love fine gemstones. Gemstones’ range of colors, variety of origin, and unique histories capture our imaginations. We stay for their stunning appearance, incredible shine, and show-stopping conversation starters. There is...

Wedding Bands vs. Wedding Rings: Complete Guide

Marriage proposals and a wedding ceremony can take months of planning, sometimes even years. Apart from the fact that you’re making a big commitment, you’re also throwing one of the biggest parties of your life! If you don’t intend to...

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