Natural Alexandrite

Mark Henry’s alexandrite is a once-in-a-lifetime, color-changing, exotic gem. Alexandrite turns from gorgeous emerald green in daylight to a radiant ruby red under incandescent light.

The Mark Henry Alexandrite Collection

At Mark Henry, we work with a family-run Brazilian alexandrite mine to source these precious gems. That means we overlook every step in the process and ensure it is entirely ethical and safe.

Brazilian alexandrite is some of the finest in the world. They are the only stones in the world that mimic the green-blue and pure red color-changing Alexandrite found in Russia. In fact, they are typically clearer than the original Russian stones, too, making them even more valuable.

The science behind alexandrite’s color change is as intriguing as the stone’s appearance. Impurities in chromium cause the transition when they react to the yellow region of the light spectrum.

The change also boils down to the way that our eyes correct color. When the color changes at an angle over 20 degrees, our eyes cannot adjust. So, we perceive this phenomenon as a new color entirely. This means that other species may not see alexandrite as two separate colors as humans can. How lucky are we!