Mark Henry is the pioneer behind the rarest gemstone on earth, the natural alexandrite.
We have established ourselves as a premiere jewelry house responsible for reintroducing the alexandrite gem to the world. Our devotion to this fine gem is what ultimately led to the availability of what was once considered an unattainable treasure. This has been a guiding foundation of our family operated company since its inception in 2004.

“For any person to dedicate his life into a single little object, and work exclusively with that, you must be totally blown away with that variety of species. You must be captured by it. This is exactly how I feel about the alexandrite gem itself.”
- Mois Medine, Founder and CEO - Mark Henry
We are gemstone specialists and master jewelry artisans with over three decades of jewelry making experience. We have an affinity for truly unique and exotic raw materials and employ a scrupulous attention to detail in our design process. Our company was founded and continues to be headquartered in New York City, however, we search the globe with an industrious curiosity in order to showcase only the rarest of Earth's treasures. In recent years we have broadened our philosophy to integrate other exotic gemstones that are not widely available. Our company supports a transparent and sustainable value chain, implied by the fact that we are one of only a few brands that deal directly with mining operators and fine jewelry connoisseurs alike.

Much like the alexandrite’s phenomenal ability to naturally change colors, the name 'Mark Henry' was inspired by two of the founder's sons - Mark and Henry, both with opposing personalities and an inseparable bond. His son's names serve as a perpetual reminder of the legacy that is being built and the integrity with which the brand serves the world.
Our mission is to share our creative expression in the form of high quality artistry, while utilizing the world's rarest materials. We empower our clientele to convey themselves freely while simultaneously demonstrating a sense of fulfillment. Our designs are inspired by the people we meet, the places we go, and the love that binds us all together.
Mark Henry has been a sight holder and partner to a mine discovered in the southeastern region of Brazil in 1987 that is eponymous for yielding the highest quality alexandrite available in the global market. Gemstone collectors and jewelry enthusiasts agree that natural Alexandrite from Brazil rivals the original Russian gemstones in color, saturation and clarity. Only the finest alexandrite become part of the Mark Henry family