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  • Reverie

    Something so rare can sometimes feel so removed. The Reverie Collection transforms your fanciful musings into existence by bringing the alexandrite within reach.
  • Wedding Rings | Celebration Collection

    The Celebration Collection is an ode to everlasting love. Commemorate your affection with an exceptionally rare natural Brazilian Alexandrite.
  • La Mer

    French for "the sea", our La Mer Collection captures the essence of the ocean by adorning some of its most magical creatures with one of natures most exotic gemstones.
  • Opus P

    This limited series of medallion inspired jewelry weaves rich Italian Renaissance history with contemporary design. Each piece in the Opus P Collection is crafted in 18kt gold and adorned with natural Alexandrites. There's no better way to celebrate yourself than with this badge of excellence.
  • Signature

    The Mark Henry Signature Collection houses some of our leading and most recognizable creations. Here you will find natural Brazilian Alexandrites set in elegant designs that have stood the test of time. These jewels have become synonymous with the Mark Henry Brand and continue to shine eternally.
  • Electric Blue | Paraiba Tourmaline

  • Sleeping Beauty

    As blue as the southwestern sky, Mark Henry's Sleeping Beauty turquoise is named after the only location in the world that yields such quality, a remote Arizona mountain that resembles a sleeping woman lying on her back. Turquoise holds a special significance in Native American culture as it represents power, status, luxury, and good fortune.
  • Maria

    According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is an elegant entanglement of moonbeams. Dreamy and ethereal, it represents the natural power of the moon to push and pull the tides. When light falls between thin layers of orthoclase and albite it scatters to produce the phenomenon called adularescence. 
  • Alexandrite Engagement Rings | Legacy Collection

    Explore the most robust collection of natural Brazilian alexandrite engagement rings. Marvel in the phenomenal color change and profess your love! 
  • Men's Jewelry | Gold Rings For Men

    A collection that is crafted with him in mind, these unique designs cater to the everyday man.