Valentine's Day Gifts

Are assorted chocolates and flowers sufficient enough to commemorate the sweetheart who's captured your heart? When Valentine's Day approaches, you may see others around you going to the drugstore on February 13th to select their last-minute gifts of stuffed animals, a bouquet of flowers, and candy bars. Your love deserves to stand out.

Continue reading below to find gifts that even Cupid would approve of. Then, we'll explore the Mark Henry pieces that are perfect for elevating any jewelry collection.

What Makes the Best Gift?

When you love someone, you'll want to show them the depth of your affection with each gift, date, and interaction you share. How can you be sure you're giving your love the perfect gift for the moment? Here are a few fool-proof principles to keep in mind as you search for the gift they'll treasure for a lifetime.

Don't Underestimate the Element of Surprise

No matter what you choose to give your life partner, you can upgrade the experience with some thought and effort. Have they been eyeing our Diamond Initial Pendant for months? Instead of giving it to them in a wrapped box or bag, consider a more surprising reveal. Try hiding the necklace in a mug or wine glass. By introducing surprise, you can elevate your Valentine's Day gift from great to world-class status.

Nostalgia Is a Powerful Tool

Does your partner have a love for the past decades? Fond memories of your favorite TV show from when you were kids? Perhaps they learned to love the clothes and jewelry their grandparents wore, and now they attempt to emulate the same styles with their wardrobe.You can encourage this adoration for the past with romantic Valentine's Day gifts. Choose a nostalgic jewelry element or a classic vintage hat silhouette to thrill them on this special day.

Go for Personalization

We don't just celebrate our partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend on this holiday. Think of all the people in your life.
When you think of personal gifts, you might recall pillows, shirts, and similar content with your initials or name printed on the front. These are great gifts to show you put thought into your present. For example, look for sellers who make custom pajamas. Your mom, in particular, might love a nice set of pajamas with her initials on the pocket.

You can absolutely get everyone in your life jewelry, but maybe your loved ones would like personalized gifts like what we offer in our Bubble Letter Collection.

If they have a sweet tooth, try gourmet milk chocolates from their favorite candy retailer. If you have a lower price point in mind, try home-baked cookies. Include a card with a cheeky illustration of you two.

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Place High Value on Presentation

You don't have to settle for commonplace gift bags this Valentine's Day. Perhaps you'd like to consider your presentation when you give the love of your life the gift you've selected just for them.

Does your present scream "intimate romance"? Imagine surrounding it with lit candles and rose petals next to a bottle of wine. Is your gift luxurious? You might consider hollowing a classic book and tucking the present into the pages for a delightful fresh wrapping.

Keep Their Preferences in Mind

Does your partner have an obsession with home decor? You can make Valentine's Day special by gifting them antique wine glasses to add to their fascination. Or perhaps your beloved has an affection for fine jewelry.

Delight them on this exceptional day with fine moonstone earrings or a Fiery red ruby cigar band that enhances their blooming collection. They'll know you had their interest in mind when you take care to find a gift so perfect for them.

Jewelry: Best Valentine's Day Gifts

Don't shy away from elaborate gifts to make your not-so-secret admirer swoon. Why go for simplicity when you can offer them a token of your affection that lasts for decades?

One of the most timeless and long-lasting gifts you can choose is jewelry. As they open the piece you've picked out, they'll be enamored to own something they can treasure in their collection throughout their life.

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Ten Mark Henry Pieces That Are Perfect Valentine's Gifts

Where can you find the perfect jewelry for Valentine's Day? The most indulgent gemstones are the crux of our pieces' appeal at Mark Henry.
Let's look at our ten recommendations for pieces you can give on Valentine's Day to leave your loved one speechless.

1. Thread Ruby Ring

Loved for its barely there, stackable design and versatility, our Ruby Thread Ring is the most perfect choice for a gift. Brilliant rubies are hand set in elegantly sculpted prongs that extend three quarters around the finger. We love it as an everyday essential that can be worn on its own for an elegant and understated appearance.

2. Dilara Bezel Set Ruby Stud Earrings

A pair of earrings is a timeless surprise for your Valentine, and Our Dilara Bezel Set Ruby Stud Earrings are sure to please. Simple and versatile, these stud earrings showcase a delightful pair of heart shaped rubies resting elegantly in a dainty bezel. They sit lightly on the ear and are easy to wear and practical making them your perfect go-to classic.

3. Felicity Moonstone and Diamond Ring

A ring is a timeless expression of devotion between two people. Our Felicity Moonstone and Diamond Ring draws inspiration from the glowing blue sheen of the moonstone. A quartet of glimmering moonstones are arranged in a clover-like formation while petite diamonds frame the silhouette to add a touch of sparkle. The neutral color palette of the moonstones makes this ring easy to style along with a wide spectrum of colorful wardrobe.

4. Dilara Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Perhaps your loved one enjoys splashes of brilliant blue color throughout their world. You can indulge their love by surprising them with a Dilara Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet on Valentine's Day. Strung with a vivid royal blue heart shaped sapphire, this sleek and low profile line bracelet is illuminated with diamonds that fully wrap the wrist. It's an investment worthy piece that is strikingly worn on its own or layered together with other slim tennis bracelets.If you are celebrating a Galentine, matching bracelets are a great way to show your best friend that you are thinking of them, especially if you are long-distance besties.

5. Thread Diamond Ring

Eternity rings are well-known for their historical representation of eternal love. Our Thread Diamond Ring features a symbolic row of continuous diamond gems encrusted in the petite band. This band is the ideal way to commemorate your love, and it makes the perfect addition to a wedding band. It's a fantastic choice for a first Valentine's Day gift to celebrate your new commitment.

6. Bubbly One of a Kind Paraiba and Diamond Ring

Does your beloved have an adoration for exquisite Paraíba stones? You can make Valentine's Day unforgettable with our Bubbly One of a Kind Paraiba and Diamond Ring. This meticulously crafted ring is crowned with a 3.32 carat neon Paraiba tourmaline and framed by a halo of glistening diamonds of graduating sizes all set within bezels. Additional diamonds extend along the shank and wrap the finger three quarters of the way for an added sparkle.

7. Single Thread Diamond Tennis Necklace

You can make this date classic by giving your partner a classic line necklace. Our Single Thread Diamond Tennis Necklace puts a spin on an essential jewelry classic. Scores of twinkling diamonds are secured in a minimal four prong setting as each link lays flush along your neckline for an elegant and minimalistic profile. We've attached additional chains to offer you the ability to adjust the total length of the necklace in order to find your most comfortable fit.

8. Felicity Moonstone Necklace

A pendant is a fine addition to any person's fine jewelry collection. Our Felicity Moonstone Necklace is no exception. A quartet of glimmering moonstones are arranged in a clover-like formation while petite diamonds frame the silhouette to add a touch of sparkle. The chain is exceptionally versatile and can be adjusted and worn at any length to allow for layering with long and short style necklaces alike.

9. Sweetheart Ruby and Diamond Necklace

You could surprise your beloved with flowers and temporary greenery on this distinguished occasion, or you could opt for something eternal like our Sweetheart Ruby and Diamond Necklace. A thoughtful gift for that someone you love or even for yourself, this playful design is strung with a shiny high polished gold heart. What makes it sweeter is how the center showcases an even smaller version of the shape in the form of a ruby. Tiny diamonds outline the silhouette lending a beautiful sparkle to an already striking piece.

10. East-West Alexandrite and Diamond Half Bezel Ring

For something extraordinary, take a look at our once in a lifetime, legendary natural alexandrite gemstone. Elegant and airy, this ring features a precious alexandrite resting in a half bezel setting while the slim band is sprinkled with an assortment of shimmering petite diamonds. The closed gallery gives it a modern and sophisticated look while the east-west orientation of the center stone makes it feel so unique.

Final Tips to the Valentine's Day Gift Guide

As you prepare for Valentine's Day, remember that the best gifts combine thoughtful intention and luxury. Remember your partner's affinity for gold or silver as this day approaches. Incorporate your beloved's fascination with moonstone and diamonds into your gift. When you take care to include all the elements they love in your present, they'll know your heart is always on your mind.

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