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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day welcomes the perfect opportunity to display your affections for your loved one. Explore the most divine gifts to honor your loved ones.
What Does Moonstone Represent?

Have you ever found yourself completely captivated by the beauty of the moon? It is powerful and omnipresent, rising every night to light up the sky. It controls the ocean, pulling the tides in and out at its every whim....

Alexandrite vs. Amethyst: What You Need To Know

When comparing gemstones, it’s important to always remember that their beauty is in the eye of their beholder.  What one customer loves about a gem, another might hate. This is especially true when it comes to colored gemstones because they...

What Is Moonstone?

If you’re like us, you’ve spent your life in awe of the moon. A timeless marvel, it holds a power that we learn about in textbooks and observe the night sky. There is nothing as magical or mystical as the...

How To Tell if 18K Gold Is Real: Complete Guide

Investing in a new piece of jewelry is thrilling; it’s part indulgence, part adventure, and all about your unique sense of style.  There’s nothing more exciting than knowing you made a smart purchase that will retain its value. On the...

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