How To Style a Ring Stack With Domed Rings

Some of the hottest fine jewelry trends on everyone’s wish lists are stacking rings. While this trend is making waves, it’s certainly not new. It’s been a part of fashion history.

Stacked rings are timeless. They allow you to incorporate numerous components into your outfit, elevating it instantly. Gone are the days of having to choose between your favorite piece of costume jewelry and an expensive gemstone ring. Why not both?

The key is knowing how to stack your rings strategically so that they look effortlessly cohesive. One of the best ways to do that is by incorporating a domed ring. This ring style harkens back to another decade of jewelry lovers but brings a modern twist. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for creating the perfect jewelry moment:

History of Jewelry Design: Domed Rings

Where do domed rings come from? You may have remembered your mother or grandmother sporting a few when you were a child. If not, perhaps you saw your father wearing a signet class ring. The great benefit to domed rings is that not only are they versatile, but they also aren’t gender-specific either. It’s a win for everyone! 

Domed rings have transcended decades of popularity, from Prohibition origins in the 1920s to Art Deco fame. Their resurgence in the 1980s was only the tip of the iceberg in their history. 

Historical Importance: Cocktail Rings 

Domed rings are actually a type of cocktail ring. This design was brought about during Prohibition in the United States, when alcohol was banned. Groups would gather in private and secretive bars called speakeasies to enjoy drinks. It was there that women found their footing in a male-dominated social circle and introduced the cocktail ring to fashion. 

A cocktail ring was purposefully made in eye-catching, bright colors, just like cocktail drinks. They were also very large and garnered instant attention. Women didn’t want to have to wait for their drinks, and cocktail rings helped the bartender to notice their waves.

Domed rings had a renaissance (if you believe they ever went away) during the Art Deco period in France. The “bombe” ring, or bomb ring, was popularized as a response to the geometric-based art movement. It featured stylized lines and was intentionally shaped as a dome. 

The flashy nature of these rings was dormant for a few years but gained attention again in the 1980s during the years of bold style and designs. It paired well with neon colors. 

Why Domed Rings?

Domed rings have been a symbol of loud and bold women for over a century now, and they remain so even when worn with muted outfits or in everyday settings. If you consider yourself someone who likes to take risks, a domed ring is an alluring idea. It is also a wonderful conversation starter, especially now that you know its history. 

Stacking Basics 

If you’re interested in stacking rings, you first have to understand that you can have a few possible approaches. Some people prefer to throw these stacks together, rummaging through their jewelry hutch and picking whatever comes to mind. Don’t get us wrong, these looks can be great, but they might not be visually pleasing. 

Preparation is Key

Survey your ring collection before you start planning. What kind of metals do you have? What kind of gemstones? Do you have a favorite style?

Take an inventory of these pieces, and then try a few combinations on one finger. Once you’ve settled on a look you enjoy, try another. Play around and place the rings on separate fingers of the same hand for a deconstructed but still “stacked” look. This is a fabulous way to make a smaller collection count without running out of rings. 

It’s best not to crowd the rest of your jewelry that day. Simplicity will help accentuate the rings and not draw attention away from them. It also avoids overcrowding the eye of your beholder. 

How To Make It Totally You

Some options to consider adding to your jewelry boxes are a birthstone ring (for example, Alexandrite is the birthstone of June) or personalized rings (featuring an engraving).

For unique stacking bands, maybe you love the idea of midi rings — thin gold bands that rest partway down the finger.

Another daring take that has jewelers buzzing is mixing metals. To execute this trend, mix metals by matching rose gold with sterling silver. You can even mix metal colors with your other jewelry accessories — try matching your gold stacking rings with a white gold pendant. The choice is yours. 

Incorporate the Dome

A fresh way to place your domed ring into a stack is by using it as the middle piece. It can help to break up a stack of silver and gold. The two metals side by side can feel a little cluttered and jarring. 

Try to maintain a look that works with the domed piece. Keep the other pieces playful and fun if you’re going for bold and daring. If your domed ring is a bit simpler or in a neutral color, feel free to place it above or below a thinner band or gemstone ring. 

Wedding Ring Stacks 

If you’re engaged or married, you’re probably wondering how that meshes with stacked rings. The great news is that you can easily stack your wedding band and engagement ring! Most people wear both on the same finger daily anyway. This re-imagined ring set is simply the addition of another few pieces. 

If you stack these two special rings together, most people encourage that it's on the fourth (“ring”) finger of your left hand. Some people like to have the engagement ring on the bottom because your wedding band ring is added on after, in chronological order. 

It may be a tad crowded if the two rings have different styles, and a plain metal domed ring can help break that up. Fitting one in between the bands can be a beautiful way to incorporate the jewelry of a loved one on your wedding day, too. 

What’s a better statement ring than a ring that states that you’re in love? Some unique variations of the classic diamond ring might be an eternity ring or an eternity band (to represent your eternal love).

For a more traditionally masculine style, try a signet ring. The Maharaja Alexandrite Signet Ring showcases over a carat of alexandrite set in a thin bezel — a white gold masterpiece. 

The Best in Stackable Rings

At Mark Henry Jewelry, you know how we love our fine gemstones. Most of our domed ring options feature gemstones and diamonds. Our Domed Turquoise and Gold Ring feature 18kt yellow gold and 1.60ct of exquisitely blue turquoise cabochons. This would be perfect to pair with engraved gold bands or similarly colored gemstone rings. 

Our Domed Diamonds and Gold Ring has 18kt and 0.56ct of diamonds. It is simple enough that it could be paired with a colorful band or one with another etching design. To keep it sleek, find gold rings without stones. This layering technique will help ensure the diamonds pop — we don’t want anything to take away their light!

Find What Fits

Stacking ring sets show your personality. Whether you like to be the center of fashion attention or tend to sit in the background, your sense of style will undoubtedly come across.

 By adding a domed ring, you communicate with the world that you are effortlessly fashion-forward and sophisticated. You understand the designs that came before you, and you’re eager to (literally) carry them into the modern world of jewelry fashion!



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