Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry

By now, you may have sent out the invitation suites and called the caterer. Perhaps you've selected the most aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements and a tuxedo or dress fit for royalty. Have you given any thought to the jewelry that will complete your bridal look?

Let's examine how to find wedding jewelry that excites you and browse the finest examples from Mark Henry Jewelry.

What Should You Look for in Wedding Jewelry? 

As you contemplate the visual theme of your wedding day, you may begin to dream of the jewelry you'll slip on your fingers. You can also start to plan for necklaces and bracelets to elevate your ensemble.

Here are some winning principles to prioritize as you search for dazzling wedding pieces: 

The C's

You may be well-equipped with knowledge about a diamond's color, cut, clarity, and color. These markers can help you to identify the stunning diamond jewelry that meets your standards. When you plan to buy precious stones such as alexandrite, moonstone, and Paraiba tourmaline, you'd be wise to choose from the best choice collection. 

At Mark Henry jewelry, we are gemstone specialists, and we utilize the earth's rarest resources to offer you premier jewelry through master artisan craftsmanship.

Trust Your Style 

Perhaps you stray from the mainstream. While others prefer diamonds and sapphires, you're enamored by the ethereal sheen of moonstones and the duo-toned hues of alexandrite. Be ever-true to your intuition when it comes to selecting wedding jewelry. Honor your heart's desire and dazzle your guests with precious stones featured in your wedding day jewelry.

Opt for Timelessness 

When you select the pieces you'll wear on your favorite day, don't forget to choose bracelets, earrings, and a necklace that will withstand the test of time. You may enjoy trends in your daily apparel, but your wedding day is sacred. Choose the pieces you'll adore today and in twenty years when you look back on your wedding portraits on sentimental afternoons. 

Mark Henry Pieces for Your Wedding Jewelry 

Your wedding is the day when you will exchange vows with someone who has captured your heart. The two of you will embrace life together with all its splendid adventures. Celebrate your unique love with premier jewelry on this divine occasion. These Mark Henry rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can match the divinity of this union with their magnificence.

Rings Suitable for a Wedding Jewelry Suite 

If you have yet to select the wedding rings you'll exchange on your wedding day, let's explore options that you'll enjoy for years to come. 

Abyss of the Moon Ring 

The Abyss of the Moon Ring's central moonstone creates an abysmal glow that's only enhanced by the petite round diamonds surrounding it. It embodies the philosophical qualities of intuition and strength with its luminous essence.

Round alexandrites set in bezel settings balance the moonstone and diamond combination for a ring that is sure to captivate your affections throughout every milestone anniversary. 

Horizontal Linear Ring 

Our Horizontal Linear Ring features a stunning horizontal alexandrite set in a bezel. A strip of baguette diamonds set in a linear formation across the top of the design accents the central alexandrite. The sleek and masculine appearance is excellent for modern and timeless men. You'll enjoy this band on your wedding day and on anniversaries to come. 

Ayla Ring

Our Ayla Ring boasts a stunning oval alexandrite with rich greenish-blue colors set at the heart of this expertly crafted heirloom. Two half-moon diamonds touch each side of the center stone, while other petite diamonds adorn the center piece's shank and outer borders. The diamonds glitter as they engage with the light, adding to the alexandrite's richness of color and brilliance. Wear it alone or pair it with an eternity band.

Bouquet Ring 

This petite ring features an oval-shaped alexandrite stone highlighted by a halo of lovely white diamonds. These white diamonds extend from the center to accent the band's shank, adding even more shimmer and elegance.

In 18-karat gold in the color of your choosing, Our Bouquet Ring is a terrific substitute for a traditional wedding band for those who indulge in saturated hues. It's just one of the many dazzling options offered to you in our Reverie collection

Earrings Perfect for Wedding Jewelry 

Many brides prefer to wear their hair pinned back on their wedding day to reveal gorgeous wedding day earrings. One way to elevate your wedding dress and ring is to add a pair of striking earrings to complement your style and complete your look.

Let's browse some examples of Mark Henry earrings that can enhance your wedding ensemble. 

Grapevine Earrings 

Our Alabaster Earrings include a pair of stunning oval-shaped faceted moonstones set in four prongs and flanked by a trio of carefully selected, brightly hued alexandrite stones. We've placed a thin thread of diamond around the top and bottom edges of the moonstone to provide even more radiance to this pair of dazzling earrings. 

Sun Ray Earrings

Our Sun Ray Earrings display a central alexandrite stone surrounded by round shimmering diamonds. 18-karat gold settings encase these delicate stones flush with a magnificent oval moonstone to make a divine combination. This pair makes an ideal accent for a romantic wedding gown. These may even become an heirloom you pass to your children in decades to come. 

Gleam Moonstone and Diamond Stud Earrings 

Do you admire jewelry that mimics celestial beauty? Our Gleam Moonstone and Diamond Stud Earrings feature a pair of spherical moonstones bathed in a gentle blue sheen. White diamond-adorned rays stretch from the heart of this sun-inspired design, providing an intensifying glow that perfectly complements the moonstone's captivating aura. Wear them with your wedding look for a heavenly accentuation.

Clover Earrings 

Perhaps you'd like to add a splash of color to your wedding jewelry. Our Clover Earrings pattern after the providential four-leaf clovers you'd find adorning the countryside. Carefully selected alexandrites act as petals with glowing white diamonds surrounding each precious gem. These are the perfect pair for a bride to wear to add an elegant dash of color to their bridal look. 

Pendants and Bracelets for the Wedding Day 

After selecting your band and a set of earrings, your wedding look is almost complete. Naturally, you'll want every detail to be perfect, so consider adding jewelry elements for your neck or wrist as well. These are terrific souvenirs to wear every day or enjoy years from now on your anniversaries.

Here are a few pendants and bracelets that can add enchantment to your bridal look:

Flexible Linea Slider Bracelet 

Our Flexible Linea Slider Bracelet provides an ideal presentation of precious gems for those who love simplicity. This bracelet features alternating natural alexandrites and glittering white diamonds set in 18-karat gold. It's a terrific piece to add vibrant green-blue color to wedding day apparel, and after the wedding, you can enjoy wearing it with your everyday ensembles, too. 

Solitaire and Halo Forever Bracelet

Here is another superb bracelet to add to your wedding jewelry combination. Our Solitaire and Halo Forever Bracelet displays alexandrite stones throughout its length. This design presents an alternating pattern of solitaire and halo set stations to create the perfect appearance. The petite diamond halos give off a brightness that creates the perfect harmony between the diamonds and alexandrites.

Svelte Pendant 

Have you considered adding a pendant to your wedding day attire? This necklace style can create a stunning neckline that harmonizes your dress's shape beautifully. Our Svelte Pendant is no exception.

Our Svelte Pendant is slim, sleek, and beautiful, with a pair of gorgeous oval-shaped alexandrites highlighting a single, sparkling round diamond in their center. Choose yellow or white 18-karat gold for a customized look. This sophisticated piece makes for a subtle detail that can make a world of difference in your wedding jewelry. 

Framed Trio Pendant 

Do you have an adoration for radiant geometric jewelry? Our Framed Trio Pendant displays three vibrant oval-shaped alexandrite stones in a vertical line. Dazzling diamonds surround the rectangular perimeter on the outer trim and bail, making for a perfect frame. Wear this piece with your wedding dress, or wear it at your reception for a touch of nostalgic excellence. You'll love wearing it on your wedding day and each day forward. 

Celebrate in Style 

How you feel on your wedding day is paramount. Everything accent and detail that decorates your gown or suit should enhance your excitement and make you feel your best. Whether you choose celestial or geometric designs, alexandrite or moonstone, you deserve wedding jewelry that glorifies your day. At Mark Henry, we can make your dreams of precious stones lighting up your wedding day into a reality.



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