Men’s Wedding Bands: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

Men’s Wedding Bands: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

It is an often overlooked part of your wedding preparation — the dress has been fitted and purchased, the engagement ring was personalized just for you, and you’ve perfected everything to do with the event, right down to the guest list.

What you may have missed in between floral and cake tasting appointments was consideration for wedding bands. What’s more, is that you don’t just need to find a matching one for your diamond; you need to get one for your soon-to-be-husband!

Tradition typically focuses on a bride during the wedding day, but a groom deserves his own special part in the process. While you hunted down for all of your own frills, it is time to turn the attention to the man in your life and an essential accessory that he will wear forever. Just like a bride’s rings can be passed down for generations, so can a groom’s.

This wedding band is an investment in your love and your legacy together as a couple. It can be a fun process shopping for the perfect fit when you consider all of the logistics. But what kind of jewelry does your groom even like? And how much would a male wedding band cost?

We’re here to break it all down for you. From the sizing to the material type and the respective costs, we’ve got you covered.

Historical Significance

Before we delve into the journey of finding a band for your groom, let’s turn back the clocks a little. Weddings, and marriage itself, are steeped in tradition.

In Western cultures, wedding bands for men that were exchanged toward the end of the wedding ceremony started with World War II. Men in the United States favor wearing the wedding band on their left hand. However, men married under an Eastern Orthodox church will likely have their partner slide the wedding band onto their right hand.

Traditions are what we make them, so do what is right for you.

What Is the History of the Engagement Ring?

The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to use rings to commemorate special events. Their views on rings were tied to their understanding of science: They thought the vein on one’s left hand’s fourth finger connected to the heart. Therefore, jewelry was associated with emotions. Later on, Roman culture introduced this practice during wedding ceremonies, and the root of the tradition lies in ancient times.

Engagement rings were first culturally documented in 1477 when the Austrian Archduke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy. He used a diamond ring, which became the classic beacon of the big question.

This solidified the idea that a man does not wear a ring during his engagement, but we now know that this is unnecessary. There are many options for male engagement rings, and they can take the shape of an 18k gold Signet Ring, a flashy gemstone piece, or an engraved wonder.

The Big Band

However, most couples forgo the male engagement ring. Instead, all of the attention is focused on the classic wedding band, a sparse leather or metal circle. It can be traced to the practices of the Greek Orthodox Church in the 14th century and then in U.S. culture during WWII. Now, these plain bands have the opportunity to be so much more.

What Are Some Unique Men’s Wedding Bands?

Did you know that fine jewelry retains a higher value when it contains exotic gemstones than diamonds? Despite the fact that diamonds have dominated the wedding ring and engagement ring scene for as long as we can remember, it may be time to try something new.

When you look for a male wedding band, consider broadening your horizons. You don’t have to stick to the traditions that bind, but you also don’t have to hold yourself to the normal standards for women. Look outside of the box and do some research on precious gems like Paraiba tourmaline or alexandrite.

How Much Do Men’s Wedding Rings Cost?

In general, wedding bands for men cost significantly less than engagement rings and wedding bands for women. This doesn’t mean that they are any less meaningful, but it does mean that they are typically made from gems and materials that are less valuable.

Of course, all of these estimates are contingent on who you are buying from and how genuine their materials are.

If you’re going with a simple, platinum look, you are in a price range that averages about $1,200. These don’t hold up in durability as well as a gold ring does and can break down over time in appearance.

If you like that vintage, weathered style, this could be for you. On the other hand, yellow gold rings average around $500 and are available in white or rose gold alternatives for something a little different. Two-tone rings are also trending; these mixes can include sterling silver, stainless steel, black titanium, or more.

Palladium wedding bands are formed with materials that change gold into white gold (minus, of course, the gold part). It is quite like platinum in appearance and is a great lightweight alternative if your man doesn’t want his jewelry weighing him down all day.

The value of certain stones translates into the cost. Wedding bands with diamonds begin at around $1,800. Platinum bands are the priciest, and altering the metal used to something a bit less is beneficial to your pocket.

Diamond Alternatives

If you’re still in search of cutting costs, consider going down the route of diamond alternatives. If your future spouse doesn’t show an inclination to a men’s diamond wedding band, there is still the perfect fit out there.

Some people prefer lab-made diamonds. These appear the same as naturally mined minerals, but they are grown in controlled environments for a fraction of the cost. Some favorites are moissanite and the highly sparkly cubic zirconia.

Of course, we are partial to alexandrite. The stone of old-world royalty is shining brighter than ever. Known for its color-changing properties and deep beauty, alexandrite is the rarest stone in the world, even when compared to the elusive black diamond.

Alexandrite wedding bands for men can be simple and sleek like the Horizontal Linear Ring or a bold statement maker like the Octave Band.

Bands on a Budget

Who says you have to spend more to get all the benefits? Maybe you’re dealing with a guy who likes simplicity, accessibility, and practicality.

Check out a new wave alternative, the tungsten wedding band — these average $250, which is lower than highly sought-after, rare metals. Tungsten is highly durable and long-lasting. It is even offered in black, white, and gray options for a versatile but neutral look. It will go with anything for an understated yet committed style.

Want something even more versatile? Dive into the world of silicone wedding bands. These are particularly popular with men on the go, those who work in manual labor, or have a hard time forgetting to take their ring off when doing the dishes or swimming. They are also great for women who are active too.

Not all wedding bands involve precious metals. Some grooms are drawn to inlays of antler, meteorite, or even dinosaur bone.

Finding the Perfect Ring at the Perfect Price

Diamond wedding bands are a fan favorite, and the pricing reflects this. Diamond pricing is based on the Four C’s. The color, cut, clarity, and carat all influence the final price (as well as where you source your diamonds from).

The price of precious metals can fluctuate wildly depending on the market. Likewise, not all gold is the same. 14k yellow gold wedding bands will fetch a higher price than 10k yellow gold.

Potential Add-Ons

Sometimes you want to adjust the ring size, or you need to add an engraving of dates or words on the inside of the band. These personal touches can mean more to your husband than the ring itself and are worth taking the additional time to do. These additional measures may decrease the resale cost of your piece; consult your jeweler for more information.

Bigger Picture

Brides are often lauded for their wedding day outfits. Of course, the dress can be a centerpiece, but there is much attention given to accessories, too. From the veil to the shoes, head to toe is on display with only the finest fashion. This also means women tend to invest in wedding day jewelry pieces apart from their rings — earrings, bracelets, and necklaces shine down the aisle as well.

Why not go the same route for men? Your husband might love a pre-wedding gift of beautiful, alexandrite studded cuff links. Perhaps a nice watch will tie together his look? These pieces can be worn time and time again over the years as an additional memento to his wedding band.

Make it Last

Whether you splurge on a luxurious gemstone band for your partner or not, your love will no doubt be commemorated in this physical manifestation of commitment. We honor that here, today, and every day.


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