Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the time of yuletide happiness, family, friends, abundance, and most importantly, love. It is the one time a year that you are allowed a true respite, a day off from work, and a stop in the crazy pace of life that we live in. You’re given time to spend with those that matter most and relax, even if just for a few hours. At that time, it is inevitable that the topic of giving great gifts is on your mind. 

We give gifts during the holiday season to show appreciation for those around us and the work they put into making our lives better. Whether you’re gifting a Christmas present to a parent, your kids, or even your employees, there is a wide range of unique Christmas gifts to choose from. 

 Knowing your recipient well and their favorite things are the keys to locating perfect presents. From a DIY gift to custom Christmas gifts, read on to find a better way to be the ultimate Santa.  

A Very Jolly Proposal 

We’ve all seen the Christmas movie - you know the one - where the couple who has fallen off track or perhaps were only reunited from childhood in their hometown and magically fall in love under the mistletoe and seal their newfound joy with a kiss. It is a trope almost as old as the holiday itself, and it often bleeds into real life as well. How does it usually show itself? You guessed it, the Christmas proposal. 

Proposing to your significant other on a holiday is always a delicate situation. Allow us to break down the best ways to go about this process and continue reading below. 

Feature Family Members

The holidays are all about cozying up with the people you love the most, and for many, that means family and friends. If your partner is close to their family, assess the situation. Where do they usually celebrate Christmas—a family home or in an event hall? Are they typically alone for the holidays if they’re not as close to their family?

If you know that your partner values their relatives, ask them directly months before if they would be interested in having other people included in such an intimate moment. They may want it to be just about the two of you. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable being asked something so personal, with so much weight, in front of others.

If your partner does want their family present, it’s time to pull some strings. Include them at the moment, and ask them for some good tips! Ask them if your partner has ever dropped any hints about what they’d prefer for their ideal proposal before and if these could be incorporated into the event for the perfect personal touch. 

So whether you hide the ring in one of the ornaments or as part of the perfect stocking stuffer, proposals count amongst the best Christmas gifts. 

The Holiday Spirit

One of the best things about Christmas is everyone getting into the holiday spirit. If your loved one longs for snow-covered pine trees, frosted sugar cookies, and blankets by the fire, think about how to incorporate the holidays and similar content into your proposal. For those who love unique and uncommon goods, think beyond the diamond ring: think Mark Henry

Always Think Ahead

Unfortunately, life is often not like the movies. A bunch of things can change, and sometimes your perfect moment can be dashed if your partner arrives at the last minute to the party, or they get taken to the side by a friend for a conversation. Not to worry, and not to panic. If you plan for a multitude of scenarios, this can always be amended. 

Some of the most amazing gifts in life are the ones we treasure the most. So if your plan isn't loading perfectly, don't be afraid to be spontaneous. If what you say is true to your heart when you pop the question, the moment doesn't need to look like a glossy magazine advertisement. 

Ring Options

In the case of a proposal, at Mark Henry Jewelry, we always advocate for gemstones over diamonds. Not only are exotic gems rare, they actually hold a greater value than diamonds

Many people believe diamonds to be the perfect gift due to their rarity. We hate to burst the bubble, but diamonds aren't actually that rare at all. Diamonds are fairly commonplace and can be found throughout the world. So when you light some candles and get down on your knee, expand your options. 

Engagement Alternatives

As a general rule of thumb, no engagement ring (or ring in general) should be below a 7 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. This scale determines the durability and wearability of a gemstone, and it is imperative that a ring includes a gem that would survive everyday wear and tear on the hand.

Just think about how often your hands hit different surfaces and scratch objects around you. Dust is a 7 on the scale, indicating just how vulnerable any gem under that ranking is to the elements. 

Alexandrite is an 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it is a strong, durable diamond that should last through many love stories. 

If you still prefer to go the route of a diamond ring, look for slight variations. For example, colored diamonds are currently trending in pink, blue, green, and red and can be affordable gifts.

Mark Henry Options

Two alternatives to diamonds that are quite popular among brides are Paraiba tourmalines and alexandrite. Tourmalines are known to come in varying colors, but those from Paraiba, Brazil, are considered some of the most valuable for their neon, electric blue-green hues.

They were found in the region in the 1980s but are also prevalent in Mozambique and Nigeria. With a hardness of 7 to 7.5, they have no cleavage and are unlikely to ever split. This protects them when placed within beautiful rings

Our other iconic, exotic gemstone is alexandrite, which turns from a brilliant green color in daylight to an even more gorgeous red under incandescent light. If you choose to propose with this stunning ring on Christmas, your partner will never forget the significance of that holiday in your relationship.

Alexandrite is incredibly rare, and our supply comes from a family-run mine in Brazil which produces the greatest color change percentages in the gems, their top attribute. 

All of our alexandrite is specialty cut in everything from geometric shapes to classic designs, providing a ring style for the pickiest wearer. 

Best Gift for the Whole Gift List 

One of the best ways to spread some joy around the Christmas tree, conveniently and compactly, is a gift basket or subscription box. There are plenty of thoughtful gift options online, some containing gourmet finds and others with high-tech gadgets. To err on the side of personalization, all of our gift baskets listed below are entirely DIY. That means that they are customizable and can be adjusted to find the single person you are gifting them to. 

Does your mom love to cook? Have teenagers that are obsessed with little gadgets? What about your cousins who are total wine enthusiasts? Make their holiday all the merrier with these DIY presents. All you’ll need is a small shopping list of essentials for the grocery store, and most of these items can be found locally or at retail stores. 

What You’ll Need

Here are our favorite gift basket samples: 

  • For that salty and sweet combination, throw some sweets and nuts into mason jars and top with bows. Finish the look with a cinnamon stick for taste. Various types of popcorn can also contribute to the theme, like caramel corn or cheddar corn. 
  • For those who love to barbecue, wrap up a nice BBQ rub, homemade ketchup, and a basting brush onto a cutting board. 
  • Bake your favorite cast iron skillet recipe in a brand new product. Save the baked goods in the skillet or pan and serve them together for a two-for-one gift.
  • Make a mimosa kit, including orange juice, fresh fruits, a carafe, and a bottle of bubbles. Glasses and coasters aren’t necessary but can make a nice touch. A Christmas mug is also a fantastic addition to this basket. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Merry and Bright

Make sure you wrap your gifts before the big day and set them under your tree for excited recipients. Remember that nothing is better than a handwritten note when paired with holiday gifts.



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