Why A Well-Rounded Jewelry Collection Always Includes Exotic Stones

A well-rounded gem collection extends far beyond the Big Three of diamonds, emeralds and rubies. There are several exotic and rare gemstones with immense value, and beauty, that deserve to be in every avid jewelry lover’s collection.

There are roughly 135 colored gemstones in the world’s market, yet a traditional jewelry store carries, on average, 17. Exotic gemstones are considered the ultimate stones for jewelry lovers, especially those who go against the grain in search of something unique and beautiful. Two exotic gemstones with immense value are alexandrite and Paraíba tourmaline, among others.

Why To Choose Exotic Gemstones Over Diamonds

While diamonds are considered “rare,” it’s also one of the most popular gems in the jewelry. Diamonds can be found in almost everyone’s jewelry collection, but it’s not often you’ll see someone with an engagement ring or staple piece of jewelry that features an exotic stone, which is why they’re so intriguing. Not only that, but exotic stones, like alexandrite and Paraíba tourmaline, have increased in value for collectors thanks to their rarity and limited supply.

Paraíba Tourmaline

Crafted in 18kt white gold this ring features a stunning cushion shaped Paraiba cabochon weighing a total of 14.00 ct. For more information, please email henry@markhenryj.com

Not all tourmaline is Paraíba, but all Paraíba is tourmaline. This is because Paraíba is named after the location in which it is mined: Paraíba, Brazil. It was first discovered in the 1980s in Brazil, but also can be found in Mozambique and Nigeria. Sourced from just three mines in the world, Paraíba exhibits a striking almost neon-blue hue with hints of green that slightly differs in color depending on which country it’s discovered in, but can range from greenish-blue to bluish-green to green, blue and violet. Its vivid color sets it apart from standard tourmalines, which has created worldwide frenzy for this coveted gemstone, and researchers believe it is the copper traces in Paraíba tourmaline that give it its vivid hue. According to the GIA, Paraíba tourmaline’s rarity means that its prices rival that of fine sapphire, one of the most valuable gems in the world. The most coveted Paraíba exudes a blue-green hue.

Paraíba tourmalines are almost always custom cut, and you’ll typically see them in pear shapes, oval shapes or cushion cut. Mark Henry specializes in Paraíba tourmalines and often accentuates these beautiful, bright-blue stones with diamonds and deep-blue sapphires, set in 18K white or yellow gold. With more than three decades of experience in the jewelry world, Mark Henry offers many pieces, each with a distinct style, to ensure there’s something for every taste. The Electric Blue collection is an ode to this special stone, and each piece highlights its lucid glow, from the star-shaped rings to the Signature Paraíba earrings, a Mark Henry classic.

Natural Alexandrite

18kt White Gold Round Shape Center Alexandrite = 1.78 ct. Additional Round Alexandrites = 0.43 ct. Round Diamonds = 1.05 ct. For more information on this ring, please email henry@markhenryj.com

Part of what makes alexandrite such an exciting exotic gemstone is its color-changing phenomena and the ability to look like a completely different stone depending on the type of light you view it in. Ranging from blue-green in daylight to a red-purple by night, alexandrite has proven itself as a worthy investment for collectors over the years. One example of alexandrite’s worth was a 2015 sale at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels New York auction, where a Ceylon Alexandrite sold for $754,000, more than quadruple the price of its pre-auction value.

It’s worth it to mention that the rarity of this stone is what attracts jewelry lovers, who love to use this stone in lieu of diamonds for something that gives off a totally different look than your classic gems. Mark Henry specializes in alexandrite, and they source only the best stones with incredible color and clarity. The brand’s strict quality control requirements is what makes the alexandrite they work with difficult to obtain. From geometric-shaped rings and classic pendants to contemporary earrings and lace-inspired bangles, every alexandrite stone is chosen for its quality.

18kt White Gold 1 Oval Cut Alexandrite = 3.10 ct. 2 Tapered Baguette Half Diamonds = 0.60 ct. Round Diamonds = 0.32 ct. For more information on this ring, please email henry@markhenryj.com.