Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

When your girlfriend has an upcoming birthday, it is hard not to mix up the excitement of her celebration with the anxiety around what is the perfect gift for her. There are a bunch of factors that go into choosing a great gift: what does she like to do, where does she live, what is her occupation, or has she asked for any purchases or activities in particular recently? If you’re lucky enough, maybe she’s been dropping hints since she blew out one less candle the year prior.

It is ultimately up to you to decide what fits her best, and this article is here to help. At Mark Henry Jewelry, we are big on perfecting gift-giving. As a jewelry company with artisans and craftsmen, we craft pieces that go a step further than visual brilliance to encapsulate who your girlfriend truly is. The good news is we have so many options of a range of gifts to choose from; you are bound to find one thoughtful gift that suits your girlfriend, and she will wear it proudly. 

Let’s delve into the greatest way to honor your girlfriend on her day to make her feel special and make this happy birthday the happiest yet. 

Continue reading below for the ultimate gift guide for the best birthday gifts.

Evaluate and Reflect  

A big event in your relationship is a great time to take a step back and consider your bearings. With a significant other, clearly, you have already interwoven your lives quite significantly.

However, this partnership may be at varying stages—if you only met your girlfriend a month prior, the gift ideas we give may be different than those for someone who has been with their partner for ten years. 

Of course, there is a happy medium. Please read on to our only disclaimer for one of the most popular birthday presents, but that should be thought about carefully. 

Seriously Consider the Engagements

We have an excellent ring collection here at Mark Henry Jewelry, and love to share how our rings feature exotic gemstone alternatives to the perhaps overdone diamond engagement. That’s likely a conversation for a different time.

When it is your girlfriend’s birthday, the day is entirely about her. Expressing your admiration and appreciation for her is wonderful, of course, but it may take away from the attention on her celebration by popping the big question.

On other holidays that are celebrated by everyone (like Christmas or Valentine’s Day), the opportunity may be more suitable. You can even correlate the holiday to the anniversary you were engaged during and celebrate extra each year.

It is best to keep in mind what your girlfriend would want herself. We are, after all, simply the messengers. However, we do know a thing or two about gift-giving and understand the value of respecting the due space one may want on their birthday. If you are going to go for it, be sure to check out our engagement ring alternatives with dazzling gems that will stand out from the rest. 

Unique Gift Ideas: Birthstones

An innovative approach to the avoidance of the proposal is to look into birthstones. When was your girlfriend born? There are so many incredible gems for each month of the year, each representing a different virtue and aspect of that astrological sign.

For example, rubies are the birthstone for July, and they reflect the hot emotions, passion, and genuine love that exudes from Cancers. These are some of the best romantic birthday gifts. 

This is another great way to avoid the diamond ring conundrum—while diamonds are the birthstone for April, it may be a little confusing if you give your girlfriend a sparkly version of the wedding bells queue and she asks why you aren’t down on one knee. 

Here are a few of our favorite unique birthstone examples: 

Paraíba Tourmaline

This electric beauty is a cross between neon green and neon blue. It is the birthstone of October, amongst opal, but it stands out from the rest. It gets its name from the place where it is mined and where it was discovered, Paraíba, Brazil.

There are many different variations of tourmaline, and it is important to note that the birthstone gem is simply tourmaline across the board. We may be a little bit biased, but we think this one is exceptionally stunning.

It has been noted as discovered additionally in the Rio Grande Do Norte states of Brazil as well as Nigeria and Mozambique. However, Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline is the most well-known and tends to have the most saturated and jaw-dropping hues. This is due to its rich copper content, the driving force behind its blue-green. 

Tourmalines are believed to be precious and represent wisdom, voice, insight, and creativity. Due to its blue nature, it furthermore represents serenity, calm, stability, and peace. This can translate to self-healing through clearing one’s mind and accessing their inner power. 

If your girlfriend’s birthday happens to fall during October, consider some of our Paraíba Tourmaline collection. Offerings include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. A  beautiful present could be our Blooming Flower Ring. This piece links a gorgeous oval Paraíba gemstone surrounded by violet-blue sapphires and a scalloped, diamond-encrusted frame to the beauty of a flower. You could easily pair this gift with a bouquet of blue-green blooms, like iris and delphinium. Lavender perfumes would complement the aesthetics of sapphires as well. 


If your girlfriend was born in the month of June, we have the right gift for her too. Along with our amazing moonstone options for this month’s prime pieces, be sure to look into our alexandrite collection. Alexandrite is our specialty here at Mark Henry Jewelry, and we can’t wait to share it with you and your loved one. 

This exotic gemstone was first discovered in the early 1800s during Tsarist Russia in the Ural Mountains. It was then named for Czar Alexander II in 1834 at a celebration for his coming of age. This ties in well with the birthday theme.

It was instantly considered a prized gem for its rare color-changing properties, shifting from emerald-like green under daylight to vibrant ruby red as soon as the sun sank low. This coined the term “alexandrite effect" a reference to when a gem changes colors seamlessly—kind of like an adult mood ring. 

All our alexandrite is locally sourced from a family-run mine in Brazil, and goes above and beyond quality standards. We enforce the ethical production of this gem and see it through from mine to hand. Not only will your girlfriend be awarded such a precious and elusive type of gem, but she will also own a piece of Mark Henry history. 

All of our alexandrite pieces are highly wearable, thanks to the gem’s 8.5 ranking on the Mohs scale. It is durable for ring placement and bracelets, and will not scratch when worn respectfully. It also symbolizes love and fulfillment, two values we’re sure you’ll want to share with your girlfriend on her special day. 

Best Gift Ideas: Long-Distance Lovers

Frustrated by a few miles between you and your girlfriend as she celebrates her big day? You’re not the first one. Whether you’re new to a long-distance relationship, separated by a quarantine period, or 10,000 miles apart, here are a few easy and mostly DIY gifts you can give her. 

Baked Goods

Expirations dates are paramount when it comes to this option, but there are ways to get her the comfort food that she’s been craving. Whether it's enlisting a loved one who lives close by to drop off a homemade dish or packing together some non-perishable mixes into a mason jar for shipment, the opportunities are endless. 

For example, you can fill a mug with her favorite chocolate or truffle sweets. Pair this long-distance care kit with blankets or maybe gift cards for a massage or spa day. If collecting and shipping is a strategic hassle, check out a subscription box for a range of gifts that can be sent straight to her doorstep. 

Special Birthday Gifts: Cake

If your girlfriend is somewhat nearby, we would suggest baking her a cake. It is one of the most simple but genuine gestures you can give someone on their birthday because it takes minimal time but shows that they are worth the effort. Bonus points if you are new to the culinary arts and try something new (and sweet) for her. 

You can also send your girlfriend a personalized cake from online delivery services. Most caterers allow you to pay online or over the phone and can verify she has received the order. Try looking into online ordering options for desserts from her favorite restaurant, too.

Virtual Date Night

Video conferences are a staple for LDRs, but they can always be better. For her birthday, let her pick the movie for you both to stream. Dress up and share a meal across the screen, set some vanilla candles for ambiance, and watch as she opens your gifts.  Seeing your girlfriend online is a convenient portal to celebrate her day while being far apart. 

Celebrate in Style 

With Mark Henry Jewelry, a simple ring or necklace can mean so much more. Take the time to research your girlfriend’s birthstone, its astrological meaning, and the qualities it correlates with. This will inform your browsing and ensure her new pieces are tailored to exactly what she will love.

No matter what you decide on, make sure to remember the card. Fill it with inside jokes, hopes for her new year, and all the reasons why you love her. 



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