Top 4 Reasons Women are Fascinated by the Phenomenon of Color

Top 4 Reasons Women are Fascinated by the Phenomenon of Color

Every woman knows that jewelry is the final, and some might say, most important accessory of any outfit and occasion. Beyond the sparkle, color is what immediately draws us in when we look at jewelry. Have you ever thought about why we are so fascinated with color and why we gravitate to certain colors?

Check out how Mark Henry Jewelry is paving new roads, inspiring and empowering women, and creating the new status quo. Jewelry is all about emotion, and it’s easy to see why women are swooning over the colors in this iconic luxury jewelry brand. While some jewelry trends come and go, color is here to stay and definitely the way to go this season. 

First impressions

Did you know 90% of first impressions come from color. We often think of the color of our hair, our outfit, our shoes, etc., but our jewelry is just as important when choosing what colors to wear. Colored gemstones, set in the perfect piece of jewelry, have the ability to change that little black dress into something spectacular or can finish off your weekend brunch look with a pop of much needed color.

The color change of alexandrite is immediately what captivated the designers of Mark Henry Jewelry. That, in contrast to the play of color found within moonstone, made this combination a perfect balance of colors. 


For hundreds of years, jewelry has been worn to symbolize different meanings such as femininity, security, prosperity, etc.. Every color has long associations to different emotions, and we gravitate toward colors that personally mean something to us. While perceptions of color are somewhat subjective, there are some colors that have universal meaning. Red colors represent passion, while green represents tranquility and good luck. When choosing a piece of jewelry, think about what emotions you want to convey and how those colors make you feel.

[insert sleeping beauty collection]

Turquoise is known to evoke tranquil energy, hope, creativity, and good fortune. These properties, along with the exquisite quality of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise, make this collection a must have for color. 

A style as unique as you

The industry is buzzing around jewelry designs that push past the basics. Color is the perfect way to express yourself and showcase what makes you, you! The design of your jewelry piece should also embrace the gemstone and showcase what makes the color so striking. Research shows that there is an increase in self-confidence when a person wears a piece of jewelry. Alexandrite is the quintessential addition to your jewelry wardrobe when you have everything else and want something truly as unique as you. 

“There was something in the artistic design that I fell for. That setting spoke to me. And then you add the alexandrite and, WOW.” - Sheryl Kane, Mark Henry collector

[insert signature collection ring - It is what Sheryl owns]

Embrace the unexpected

There is a saying that a piece of jewelry will “speak to you” when you see it, and that is the one you should buy. While we agree with this sentiment, we also know that when you step outside the box, you can find some magic with something unexpected. With more and more women gravitating toward color, now is the time to explore the unique, rare, and phenomenal gemstones you don’t have in your collection yet. Try on the piece of jewelry you might have been too shy to wear before. Wearing rare, colored gemstones in more traditional settings is the perfect way to embrace something new while keeping your own personal style. 

In the end, we buy jewelry because we love it -- plain and simple. Jewelry has endless emotional associations for all of us, and it’s important to remember that how we view color is innately shaped by our cultural influences and individual experiences. Whether you like blue, green, red, or white, what is most important is that you purchase jewelry that means something to you. This year, let’s build a jewelry collection that goes beyond the basics, embraces color, and completes any look!

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