New Year’s Jewelry

New Year’s Jewelry

It is a magical moment—waiting for the clock to tick down as the onslaught of a new year fast approaches. Maybe you’re sitting with friends around a fire, maybe you’re all dressed up and holding the hand of someone you love, or maybe you’re curled up on your couch at home with a more simple and relaxed approach to the changing of the clock. Whatever you’re doing, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to escape the fireworks that shoot off at midnight as the big ball drops somewhere in Times Square. 

New Year’s Eve is all about the glitz and glam. At Mark Henry Jewelry, we know a thing or two about how to shine and make a statement. It is not uncommon to walk into a party filled with glittery dresses and bubbly glasses of champagne. Silver and gold are the two most iconic tones for the New Year; perhaps they’re a reference to that old saying about old friends being silver and new ones being gold. 

Regardless, you’re bound to wind up somewhere on December 31st, and what people miss is the importance of the time before we enter into January 1st. That is when you have your greatest chance at showing off your outfit and embellishments. For New Year’s Eve jewelry advice, you’ve come to the right place. 


What is one common thread throughout New Year’s Eve celebrations, regardless of where you are and what you are doing? If you answered “the moon,” you would be correct! As the time turns into another day, or celebrations kick-off as the sun sets, the moon is there to oversee all of the action. How many of us have kissed the person we love under fireworks and the bright and brilliant gleam of the moon?

Why not reflect this symbolism in your jewelry? That’s right; we’re suggesting moonstone. The gorgeous jewel has a fascinating past and a bright and shining future.


Moonstone was named for Pliny, the Roman natural historian who believed that the shimmery qualities of the stone changed alongside the phases of the moon and their cycles. It hails from the mineral adularia, named for its discovery in Mt. Modular, Switzerland. The term “adularescence,” refers to how light plays off of layers of feldspar. Light bends and deflects at mesmerizing angles between the tiny sheets of orthoclase and albite. This term, like the original moonstone, traces its origins back to Switzerland. 

The blue sheen commonly found in moonstone is created by feldspar layers that are thin. When these layers are thicker, they reveal the milky way that the stone is common for. In Sri Lanka, the moonstone is of the finest quality and famed for its translucent properties and blue-tinted shimmers. However, the stone is also found in Australia, Myanmar, Madagascar, and the United States. 

Beneficial Properties 

When purchasing a moonstone, it is important to be aware of its properties. Moonstones are differentiated for their body color and the tone of their sheen but are commonly semi-transparent to opaque. It is very rare to find a see-through moonstone, which is why even the translucence of those in Sri Lanka is so highly regarded. Stones can range in color from green (Southern India has vibrantly green moonstone) to yellow, to brown, to gray, or black. 

Asterism can be found in some moonstones, the effect of a four-rayed star visible inside the stone. This also adds to the theme of a beautiful night sky. However, the blue sheen known in the top, polished parts of the stone is typically faceted to be specifically visible and are the most valuable. The blue gives off the effect of the night sky as well and is likely to be easier to come across than asterism. 

The best kind of moonstone does not have any inclusions and avoids tension cracks, commonly referred to as centipedes. The finest quality is cut into cabochons to show all sides of the stone and the bluest sides with the most sheen. Moonstone can be quite small, but that does not indicate it is of any less value—the smaller the piece, the finer it probably is. 

Mark Henry Moonstone

Our moonstone offerings are among these fine pieces and feature a wide variety of shapes and designs. For example, these Bubble Teardrop Diamond and Moonstone Earrings are exquisitely made and faceted into a total of 12.50 ct. circles. The thin bezel frames are encircled by petite white diamond clusters. A plastic disc back is sure to hold these earrings in place all night as you wine and dine company, hop from a party to the bar, or go outside in the cold to watch fireworks—not even a party hat or novelty eyewear can push these out.

New Years Significance

The full moon is indicative of change, despite what time of year it is. For New Year’s Eve, the wolf moon was present one special year in 2017 and was there for the ringing in of 2018. There are 27.3 days needed for the moon to fully orbit the earth. Lunations, defined as the full lunar phase cycles, are what decides how small or large the moon may look here from Earth. 

If there are two full moons within a month, the second is referred to as a “Blue Moon.” In that same year of 2018, another full moon did pop up in January. Something must have been in the air. 

The Wolf Moon symbolizes a call to follow intuition and be more communicative with those around you. By sharing your feelings and listening to your gut, you can weed out any bad influences and how you may be negatively impacting yourself. Wolves are like this, too, which is what the name references; wolves live in packs and feed off the energies of each other to survive and hunt.

A full moon also helps you to rejuvenate your habits and create a clean and plentiful schedule for the upcoming year. Ditch the old friends that no longer serve you, look into applying for a new job if you are unhappy, and reconsider a failing relationship. You can also make changes within yourself for better habits. 

Totally Turquoise: A Different Statement 

Did you know that there is more than one birthstone for December? The month features representation by Tanzanite, Zircon, and most beautifully, Turquoise. The stunning robin’s egg blue hue that marks Turquoise is a staple at any event but turns up the wow factor when it matches the birthstone of the month in which New Year’s Eve is celebrated.

If your birthday happens to fall on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, or any time within that month, turquoise is the perfect match for your ensemble. It reflects the change in years along with the recent change in age you have just experienced and calls for all of the new beginnings associated with both events.

Here is a little bit more about turquoise, its properties, and its meaning. 

Origins and History

Turquoise has been in use since the times of Persian and Egyptian royalty, dating back to millennia ago. It was common for the stone to be used in inlays, architecture, royal scepters, and other regalia, but most importantly in jewelry. The stone was prized for its robin’s egg blue hue and was found to have certain tints of yellow or green depending on where it was found. Some turquoise was even shown to have spider-like veins running throughout it, called matrix.

The most valuable turquoise is a clean stone, rid of matrix with the brightest blue shade available and very little, if not at all, tint from other colors. Turquoise was also utilized throughout native culture for those indigenous to South, Central, and North America. For those in North America, the turquoise was primarily mined in the Southwest area. That is where it still holds popularity.

Mark Henry Turquoise

Our turquoise is created from residual offerings purchased from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona. The mine shut down a few years ago since it ran out of supply; it was the most prominent source for highly valuable turquoise in the area. Our Sleeping Beauty Collection is very popular with customers, featuring rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

For a New Year’s jewelry purchase, we suggest looking into our Half Moon earrings. These earrings are perfect for welcoming in the New Year. These earrings are inspired by Native American tradition to use the moon to chart the passage of time. The round diamonds and 18k gold celebrate the vibrant blue of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise. 

Consider Your Options

You probably don’t think of turquoise when you think of New Year’s, and that is okay. A particular Native American tradition states that the stone holds symbolism for power, luxury, and good luck - all things you’ll want heading into a new year. At Mark Henry Jewelry, our purpose is to guide you through innovative and unassuming purchases that pair brilliantly with your occasion. 



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