June's Birthstone: The Enchanting Alexandrite

June's Birthstone: The Enchanting Alexandrite

Have you ever wished for a gemstone that could change colors like a chameleon, capturing the warm glow of the sun and the cool mystery of the night all at once? If so, June's birthstone, alexandrite, is your dream come true. This awe-inspiring gem is known for its beguiling color-changing ability that dances between the hues of lush green and deep red.

The Alexandrite: A Gem of Many Colors

Alexandrite's most striking feature is its remarkable ability to alter its color depending on the type of light it's exposed to. In daylight, it presents a stunning green hue, similar to an emerald. Yet, under incandescent lighting, this bewitching gem transforms to a rich, ruby red. This chameleon-like phenomenon is known as the 'alexandrite effect', and it is the characteristic that sets this gem apart from others.

Unraveling The Mystique

Alexandrite Ring

Here are the key facets of this incredible gemstone that weave a tale of grandeur and intrigue:

  1. Origins: Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia during the 19th century and was named after Czar Alexander II. This connection to Russian royalty adds an extra layer of allure to this already captivating gem.

  2. Symbolism: Traditionally, alexandrite is believed to bring luck, fortune, and love. It is said to strengthen intuition, creativity, and imagination—perfect for the artists and dreamers born in June!

  3. Rarity: Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, with high-quality, larger specimens being especially hard to find. This rarity is a testament to the gem's unique beauty and value.

  4. Color Play: The most desirable alexandrites are those with a distinct color change and strong colors. The gem's mesmerizing transformation adds an element of surprise and magic to any jewelry piece.

A Stone Worthy of High Jewelry

In the realm of high jewelry, alexandrite plays a starring role due to its distinctiveness and beauty. It serves as an ideal centerpiece for pendants, rings, and earrings, where its chameleon-like color play can be best appreciated. The versatility of this gemstone allows it to beautifully complement various metals and other gemstones, allowing designers to create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

The process of crafting high jewelry with alexandrite involves meticulous planning, careful gemstone selection, and precise execution. As the gemstone transforms under different lighting conditions, it's a delight to see a piece of high jewelry with alexandrite take on a new persona from dawn till dusk.

Alexandrite's captivating charm, rich history, and magical color-changing ability make it a cherished gemstone for those lucky enough to be born in June. Whether you're seeking a unique addition to your jewelry collection, or the perfect gift for a June-born loved one, an alexandrite piece is an unforgettable choice.

Stay tuned for the next part of this blog post, where we'll delve deeper into the world of alexandrite, exploring its scientific properties, the factors affecting its value, and how to care for your precious alexandrite jewelry. Remember, when it comes to the enchanting world of gemstones, the journey is just as beautiful as the destination.

Delving Deeper into the World of Alexandrite

In the previous section, we introduced the captivating alexandrite, June's birthstone. This time, let's explore this gem's scientific properties, the factors that influence its value, and how to care for your precious alexandrite jewelry.

The Science Behind the Magic


At the heart of alexandrite's enchanting color-changing ability is a phenomenon known as pleochroism. Pleochroism refers to the gemstone's capacity to display different colors when viewed from different angles.

Combined with the presence of chromium, which gives alexandrite its base green color, we witness an enchanting transformation from lush green in daylight to a ruby red under incandescent lighting. It is the magic of science that gives alexandrite its unique charm.

The Value of Alexandrite: What to Look For

Just like every gemstone, several factors influence the value of alexandrite:

  1. Color Change: The more distinct and dramatic the color change, the more valuable the gemstone. High-quality alexandrite shifts from a clear green to a purplish-red.

  2. Clarity: This refers to the number and size of inclusions or flaws in the gemstone. The fewer inclusions, the higher the value.

  3. Size: Larger alexandrites are rare, and therefore more valuable. Most commercially available alexandrite gemstones are less than one carat.

  4. Cut: The cut must enhance the color change and overall beauty of the gemstone. A good cut showcases the stone's best qualities.

Caring for Your Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite, with its hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, is a fairly durable gemstone. However, it's crucial to take special care of this precious stone to maintain its beauty.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Cleaning: Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean your alexandrite. Avoid harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners.

  2. Storage: Store your alexandrite jewelry separately to avoid scratching from other jewelry pieces. Soft cloth bags or lined jewelry boxes are ideal.

  3. Handling: Always handle your alexandrite jewelry with clean hands. Avoid wearing it during strenuous activities to prevent damage.

Alexandrite is a gemstone that offers an unrivaled, magical blend of beauty and science, history and symbolism. When cared for properly, these pieces will last a lifetime, changing color—and perhaps even outshining—the various stages of your life.

The Allure of Mark Henry's Alexandrite Designs

In our ongoing journey through the fascinating world of alexandrite, let's shift our focus towards some real-life applications of this captivating gem. Celebrated jewelry designer Mark Henry has created a series of exquisite alexandrite pieces that elegantly showcase the stone's color-changing magic. Let's explore some of his enchanting creations.

Tudor Alexandrite Ring

Tudor Alexandrite Ring

The Tudor Alexandrite Ring is the epitome of classic elegance. At its center lies an oval-shaped alexandrite, encircled by a thin frame of smaller alexandrite gems. The outermost edge twinkles with white diamonds, their brilliance contrasting beautifully with the darker hues of the alexandrite. Delicate milgrain detailing is etched into the gold along the slightly raised edges. This ring is timeless, its appeal only enhanced when paired with matching stud earrings and pendant.

Grand Scalloped Frame Medallion Alexandrite Pendant
Alexandrite Pendant

Drawing inspiration from vintage styles, the Grand Scalloped Frame Medallion Alexandrite Pendant exudes an heirloom charm. The open design centers around a cluster of perfectly matched oval-shaped alexandrites, while fleur-de-lis symbols reach out towards additional alexandrites nestled within diamond-embellished lotus crevices. The scalloped outer frame border sports a twisted rope texture that captivates the eye. Elevate your daily or nighttime looks with this magnificent pendant.

Eleonore Alexandrite Ring
Eleonore Alexandrite Ring

The Eleonore Alexandrite Ring is a grand statement of love. An oval-shaped alexandrite is set between a glittering halo of round diamonds. The shank hosts a slightly recessed row of pavé set alexandrite melee, flanked by two outer rows of additional round diamonds. The result is a sophisticated and elegant ring that speaks volumes about your affection.

Petite Teardrop Alexandrite Pendant

Petite Teardrop Alexandrite Pendant

Lastly, the Petite Teardrop Alexandrite Pendant exhibits an artful blend of simplicity and sophistication. This pendant features a teardrop silhouette at the center, encrusted with rich alexandrite melee. Symmetrically placed sparkling diamonds and oval-shaped alexandrites accentuate the design, while the outer frame of plain gold with a twisted texture adds an artistic touch. Suspended from a delicate cable link chain, this pendant can be adjusted to suit different necklines. Layer it with other pieces from the collection for a stunning effect.

These unique pieces from Mark Henry perfectly capture the enchanting allure of alexandrite. Whether you're a June-born individual seeking to embrace your birthstone or a gemstone enthusiast looking to add a magical piece to your collection, Mark Henry's alexandrite designs are sure to captivate your imagination.

Discover all alexandrite pieces HERE.

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