Christmas Gifts for Mom

Christmas Gifts for Mom

There’s nothing quite like coming home for the holidays. Whether you’ve been out of town for months or years, it’s the little things that seem to matter most when the winter rolls around... the smell of warm cookies or a cranberry candle burning.

There is a certain yearning we all feel to be wrapped up in the arms of loved ones and in a familiar, comforting territory. It is fair to say that for many people, the safest and most special place to be on Christmas is with their mother. 

Memories of childhood Christmases, rushing downstairs to see the perfect gift from Santa and watching classic movies pepper most of our good days. After all of the times that you were spoiled rotten with gingerbread house kits, caroling nights, and home cooked recipes, is it not time to give back?

Adulthood is when we’re able to sit still for a few moments, take a step back, and realize how much our mothers truly did to make the holiday season magical for us growing up. It’s time we make an effort to make her holiday season just as magical. 

With browsing the internet and making at-home crafts galore, you can delve into these ideal gift recommendations that are sure to brighten up your mother’s celebration and take a load off her shoulder. You may be her greatest gift, but there should still be something extra special with her name on it under the tree. 

Old and New Ornaments 

One of the best, family-filled events of the Christmas season is decorating the Christmas tree. Sure, it is likely that if you’re making your way to your mother’s house that she may have done a little pre-planning and thrown it up before you had a chance to join in.

However, for some families, the Christmas tree aspect of the holiday is paramount and warrants everyone to be together no matter what, even if you have to fly from New York to LA. Usually, these events are paired with hot chocolate and Christmas carol singing. 

Whether your mother has a designated box of tons of ornaments somewhere in the attic, or she takes it year by year and searches for new additions, there is always room for something new. That’s where you—and your creativity—come in.

It has never been easier to make your own ornament with the help of the internet. Here are a few fun ideas that are sure to be placed at the center of the tree, just like when you were a kid: a truly great Christmas gift.

Gift Ideas for Old-Fashioned Fun

Did your mother have a signature look for the tree while you were growing up? The classic designs of geometric and oval-shaped ornaments in vibrant blues, greens, and reds are a hallmark of any 1950s scene-setting around Christmas time. These ornaments might even bring your mother back to her own childhood or young adolescence, depending on her age. 

There is a certain magic that comes when someone is reminded of the Christmas days of the past, and you ensure this magic by making some of these antique ornaments. All you will need is a free, downloadable template with your desired shapes and some construction paper. Embellishments like stickers, glitter, and fake jewels are perfect for decoration. Don’t forget the adhesive; glue is usually all you will need for light-duty gems. 

If you feel extra creative, make photocopies of a vintage cookbook, newsletters from her hometown, or an iconic old advertisement to really evoke nostalgic joy. 


Do you remember when teachers would bring out popsicle sticks around December, and you knew it was time for an ornament craft? We’re hoping to reignite those memories with this dupe for the classic Scandinavian straw ornaments.

You will need four popsicle sticks per ornament, glued together when layered in a “criss-cross” formation. Paint them white before glueing, and arrange two separate sets of X’s. Then, glue them all together at the center. 

Now you have snowflakes! Tie a piece of ribbon or thread at the back for the perfect hanger, or simply stick these into the branches of the tree.

‘Tis the Season of Sparkle

What shows your appreciation for mom more than a thoughtful piece of timeless jewelry? At Mark Henry Jewelry, not only are we artisans in our own craft, but we understand the importance of pieces that hit the trends in and out of season. For Christmas-specific pieces, we tend to recommend those that feature some of the staple colors: deep blues, greens, reds, and violets. 

The darker the hue of the gem, the better for Christmas jewelry. Even white stones, like moonstone, could do the trick. We are simply trying to avoid anything that is too bright or floral-like since it may evoke the theme of Spring or Summer. Ere on the side of caution, and look into these tried and true examples of Christmas gems. 

Best of Both Worlds

Green and red are the two most popular Christmas colors and they blanket the holiday season. From bells on sleigh rides to tabletop decorations, you can’t escape this color pairing. What if we told you there’s a gem that holds both?

Alexandrite is a rare gem first discovered in the 1800s in Russia. It has since been mined worldwide and is known for its color-changing properties, allowing for it to shine as beautiful green tones under daylight and luxurious reds in the night. We mine our alexandrite from a family-run business in Brazil and attest that it is of the finest quality on the market. 

Our Solar Cluster Ring sports emerald cut diamonds surrounding an oval-shaped piece of natural alexandrite. This will draw all attention to your mother’s hand throughout the night as she socializes and shows off her gift. 

Tips for Alexandrite Purchases

Be mindful when looking for alexandrite gems. Some of our protocol at Mark Henry Jewelry regarding alexandrite includes the high valuing of “eye clean gems”. These gems are defined as clean to the viewer, meaning they do not show off any inclusions when turned and placed under different light. As of right now, Brazilian alexandrite is the largest supply of this high quality classification. 

Also, it must be noted that alexandrite is valued first and foremost for its color-changing property. A gem that is not eye-clean, but has a high color change percentage, is more valuable than one that is eye-clean and has a lower color-change percentage. 

Fringed Bezel Diamond Necklace

While we do want to stick to cool tones during the winter months, bright red is such a staple for Christmas. Whether this is because of candy canes or Santa Claus, we can’t quite tell. We’ll let our Fringed Bezel Diamond Necklace do the talking. With its gorgeous red rubies and white diamonds inside individual bezel frames, the etchings done with fine milgrain details are only the cherry on top. 

This piece is excellent for layering, allowing your mother to immediately put it on after opening the gift even if she is already dressed to impress. 

Welcome in Winter With Wreaths

Another quick DIY to give your mother, along with her Mark Henry pieces, is a wreath. The asset to this gift is that wreaths are incredibly versatile. Your mother can place this gift on her front porch, on her front door as a warm welcome, above the fireplace as the family gathers, or in her bedroom.  There is no wrong place to hang a wreath.

Here are some unique versions of one of the best Christmas gifts:  

Rainbow Show

For those who have younger children around or more of a vibrant and colorful flare, try this rainbow wreath. Take a regular store-bought, or old, wreath and complete it with colored tinsel, fake snow fluff so it’s soft to the touch. For the best fill-in technique: place a  great red ribbon on top. 

Oranges and Arrangements

For a more natural look that stays whimsical, try drying out oranges for your gifted wreath. All you need to do is slice an orange into very thin pieces, bake them on a tray at a low temperature for about 12 hours. Now, your house will look and smell amazing.

If your mom loves this, pair this wreath with new shea essential oils for her diffuser or even a potted basil plant so she can smell (and eat) fresh herbs all year long. 

Memory Journal

Your mom was by your side for the best and toughest days of your life. Honor those memories by creating a wreath that is inspired by those days with pictures from your lives. Get a copy of all her favorite moments she put in her photo frames: Pictures from her 50th birthday or her first Mother's Day make this wreath a great gift.

Sip some cocktails as you laugh how staying up late with you now is so very different from those very late night feedings she had as a new mom. 

Making Merry Memories

Christmas gifting has less to do with materials than moments. The ingredients for the best Christmas is love. You’ll make the memory of a lifetime with your mother when she sees how much you appreciate her



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