Birthday Gifts for Her

Birthday Gifts for Her

There is never a dull moment when it comes time for a birthday party. First, it’s booking the venue. Then, it’s finding a caterer. Next, you need to set up a guest list. With all of the details swirling around, it may be difficult to stop and really think about what you want.

What if this birthday girl isn’t you, but someone you care for—a best friend, a cousin, a grandmother. When it comes to celebrating your significant other’s birthday or your mother’s special day, you’re more likely to know exactly what to get. After all, chances are you have or currently live with them. When you need to bring something wrapped up to an outside party, it's a little more complicated to get the best birthday present. 

At Mark Henry Jewelry, we understand the value of special occasions. We cherish them, and we work to make them even more memorable by tailoring our offerings to your recipient. There is truly something for everyone amongst our selections: from exotic gem rings to gorgeous necklaces to bracelets that sparkle from miles away, the woman in your life is sure to love what you have in store. 

However, sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra to your pack. Here are some of our best words of advice for birthday gifts for her - even if you’re in a pinch. We promise she’ll love them. From Mom to Grandma to a girlfriend, there are great recommendations for everyone on your list. 

Thoughtful Gifts: Self Care Solutions

Women face a lot of stress. From beauty standards to societal standards and pushing towards equality each day, it can be hard to stop and smell the roses. While we would definitely advise you to grab a bouquet on your ride to the party, here are a few ideas for ways to bring relaxation and rejuvenation into your loved one’s life with the perfect gift. 

These ideas apply to all women, and we will break down some specific arrangements for different connections you may have with the recipient later on.  

Soothing Spa Day 

What is better than being treated to a day of total rest? In a world so hectic, balancing our families and friends as well as the current state of the world can feel very overwhelming.

A recent study conducted by the dean of Boston University’s School of Public Health found that only 8.5% of adults from the United States reported symptoms of depression prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Afterward, within the past year and a half, 27.8% of United States adults considered themselves to be depressed. This rise is staggering and proof that this is a much-deserved gift. 

 Another study from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki focused solely on women participants and found that self-care can reduce psychological stress. It even had a direct correlation to the reduction of depression in a group of women previously exhibiting symptoms. 

You could book a spa appointment for the birthday girl on the day of her actual birthday. This would guarantee a destresser before taking the center of attention at any events or dinners later on.

This would help bring her to a calming headspace to enter into her very own new year. A session with a bunch of trendy treatments like acupuncture therapy, cupping, or stone massages is sure to do the trick and take a load of stress off. 

DIY Self-Care

Small gifts can make all the difference when it comes to self-care. Try incorporating a skincare kit into your present: a jade roller, soft slippers, some cleanser could do the trick. A nice thought would be to include some makeup wipes, so she can go to bed nice and relaxed. 

If you’re close enough to the birthday girl, gifting some jasmine or lavender-scented bubble bath would be a nice touch for an after-work soak. Warm baths are known to relieve tension in muscles and reduce pain. Candles or essential oils with a relaxing scent make for a great gift that doubles as home decor.

Turquoise for Trouble-Free Days

Taking self-care even further, did you know that gemstones are said to have the power to heal? Many people believe in the true powers that these small but mighty forces have. When it comes to turquoise, one of our favorite stones, there is a connection with feng shui: the balance and harmony of a well-set up room.

When it comes to turquoise, the aqua or light azure green stone is believed to purify the energy of a space or the person wearing it. If your loved one is in tune with themselves, it can be a great centerpiece to their happy birthday. As they celebrate turning one age older, they may be in a period of transition. Turquoise brings their spirits up while simultaneously protecting them from any harmful vibe or negative energy. 

Turquoise is believed to be a purifying element for air and water, and this correlation with water produces a smoother energy flow in the body of the wearer, bringing out toxins and cleansing ailments for a stronger immune system. 

Encourage the recipient to place the turquoise piece near the stone lapis lazuli. When paired together, the combination is thought to bring in sea and sky energies that promote self-growth, perfect for productive change post-birthday. 

Our Turquoise

At Mark Henry Jewelry, our supply is only the rarest and most pure turquoise. It comes from the Arizona-based Sleeping Beauty Mine, now closed to public access and further excavation. Our pieces are brilliant robin’s egg blue hues. Our pieces have minimal to no matrix, a webbing commonly seen on turquoise that lowers its value. 

Turquoise was originally used by Persian and Egyptian royalty millennia ago, but it was also documented with roots in North, Central, and South America. Native Americans in the Southwest United States consider the stone to be precious, believing that it represents luxury, status, power, and good luck for the future. These are excellent qualities to bring into this new year of life. 

Our Heart of Love Necklace showcases a turquoise piece set in the middle of a heart-shaped, diamond-encrusted frame made of gold. Your loved one will wear this unique birthday gift for protection and to remember how much you care for them. 

Best Gift Ideas for the Best Friend

Did you twirl together yarn with your friend growing up, proudly placing the finished products on each other and promising to never remove them? In honor of this memory, it may be time for a grown-up friendship bracelet. A birthday is the perfect time for this upgrade. 

Not only is our collection of bracelets extensive, we know just the kind she will appreciate. Alexandrite is an exotic gemstone originally from the days of Tsarist Russia. We source our supply from  Brazil. This is one of the rarest gems in the world (just like your friendship).

It changes colors from a gorgeous green in daylight to a ravishing red under incandescent light, a piece of modern-day magic. It is most valued for how rich and saturated its colors are, with clarity and cut placing next. 

Our alexandrite bracelets range in design from bangles to crossover sliders, and there is sure to be a perfect fit. The Flexible Linear Slider Bracelet is perfect to represent your last friendship.  

Extended Relatives

If your gifts are a little more impersonal, there is still room for impression still! You don’t have to be related to, or incredibly close to, the woman celebrating her birthday to make a statement. Sometimes, simple is best.

Keeping It Together

Try looking for decorative jewelry cabinets or trays if the birthday woman loves jewelry. Organization is paramount to protect fine jewelry investments, especially for softer stones like turquoise that can crack or chip when pressed against harder stones or rough surfaces. Turquoise, in particular, needs to be carefully placed since it is fairly soft. 

Organizational Offerings

You could also look into tote bags if your loved one is fashion-forward but environmentally conscious. Sure, designer purses are wonderful, but tote bags are better for everyday, universal uses. 

She can take her tote to the grocery store rather than contributing to waste with plastic bags. She can bring it to the beach for a day with the kids, packing away sand toys, sunscreen, and snacks. Tote bags are great for a quick run to the gym, throwing together necessities for a quick day trip, or storage.

Yes, storage!

A nice, durable cloth tote bag can hang on a bedroom door and hold magazine subscriptions, books, paperwork, and outside essentials.

You can also fill in the tote bag with some different products that suit their taste: home-baked cookies, soft blankets, or even a few gift cards. 

Unique Gift Ideas: Make It Personal 

Birthdays are all about celebrating the life and accomplishments of someone who has survived another year. With the world as crazy as it is, that is not an easy feat. In this celebration, commemorating their spirit and their special day is a nice touch to finalize any of these gift ideas. 



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