Unique Rings: Bombe Style Rings

Are you someone who loves to try the hottest looks on the runway? Does this knack for contemporary awareness blend seamlessly into your wardrobe and jewelry closet? If so, we might have the perfect addition to your collection.

If you haven’t yet been introduced, we’d like you to meet the Bombe ring. This ring, also known by its wider familial name, the “domed ring,” is shaped just like it sounds. It's woven its way through decades of historical importance, shifts in and out of style, and reframing to make its way to your hand today. Whether you’re familiar with this ring style or not, we’re sure it’ll quickly become your new favorite. 

You don’t have to have any background knowledge of the ring for it to make an impact on you. The bombe ring has one of the most unique ring designs in the game. It is equally industrial and luxurious, modern and classic. It toes the line between the styles of yesteryear and the futuristic looks of today. 

Whatever your jewelry box currently includes, the bombe ring will happily make its home inside. Let us walk you through its background, inspirations, and flexibility. 

Fashion Forward: Ring Revolution 

The bombe ring has its roots in the cocktail rings of Prohibition, rooted in rebellion and excess. If that doesn’t entice you, we don’t know what will. 

Prohibition was a period in U.S. history where alcohol was illegal between 1920 and 1933. It was risky to consume alcoholic beverages or serve them. Under these conditions, speakeasies erupted across the country where private bars sold drinks and became hubs for socializing. Women were welcomed into these settings and drank socially alongside men — the first time for many.

Fashion at the time was centered around the flapper style. The outfits of a flapper, including knee-length dresses and excess jewelry, were thought to be quite scandalous. Women wore what they wanted rather than catering to modesty standards of the Edwardian and Victorian Era. When this ideology bled into the fabric of jewelry design, cocktail rings were born. 

The Art Deco Influence on Ring Sets

These chunky rings were made to be bold and brash in color. The Art Deco movement was occurring simultaneously with Prohibition as a response to artworks of the 1925 World Fair in Paris, France. Soon, the iconic line work, geometric design, and symmetrical stylings of the movement were brought overseas and incorporated into everything from buildings to jewelry. 

Bombe rings were named after the French word “bombée,” translating to “bomb.” They were named for their distinct shape. It was common to find etchings that showed off the Art Deco line stylings. Gemstones were sometimes included, but diamond bombe rings were far more common. They were loud and fun without being too daring.

Domed rings, particularly bombe rings, have shifted in and out of jewelry trends since the 1920s. Cocktail rings have never wavered in popularity, but they have been adjusted down based on the time period. The bombe ring renaissance is upon us.

How To Put a Twist on Your Rings

Bombe rings have a fancy feel simply because they come from an art period filled with glitz and glamor. Art Deco calls traditional Hollywood styles to mind with its geometric lines and symmetrical feel. If you’ve ever seen Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film The Great Gatsby, you have the right image in mind. 

The beauty and luxury in minimalism make the bombe ring feel sophisticated regardless of who is wearing it. Jewelers can also elevate the style by incorporating fine gemstones and diamonds.

At Mark Henry Jewelry, we are passionate about the importance of exotic gemstones. We advocate for their widespread appreciation and add them to whatever pieces we can. Our designers and jewelers understand how to seamlessly incorporate gemstones into fresh, evergreen styles. Choose between Paraiba tourmaline, alexandrite, turquoise, and moonstone to breathe new life into your accessory lineup. 

A Unique Stone Ring

Our Chunky Rubellite Ring is a perfect example of how we combine the old with the new with this domed band ring in the bombe style. The dome itself is only amplified by the prized, 9.13-carat rubellite gleaming in the center. It appears as if the rubellite could be plucked out of the ring and held in one’s palm — it practically jumps into your eyesight. 

The rubellite is bookended by 0.81ct of fancy cut diamonds. This only accentuates the ring’s shape, set in a beautiful 18kt yellow gold that wraps around the band. This gold ring is far from demurely minimalist — the wide band is big, bold, and ready to make a statement. 

A Guide to Stacking Rings

Bombe gemstone rings are perfect for stacking, and it just so happens this is a trend in revival. Stackable rings give off an aura of wealth and style without needing to reach out to your professional stylist for advice.

One of the easiest ways to create a stack of rings on a single finger is by breaking up thinner pieces with a bombe ring. Place it in the middle, with one to two rings on either side of it. You can also wear it in between your engagement ring and wedding band for a tiered look that doesn’t make two diamond rings clash.

Stackable rings work well when you alternate metals, too. If you like to wear both white gold and rose gold, try to bring in a separate bombe ring between those.

For example, a rose gold band might be the ideal transition piece when nestled between a tungsten and sterling silver ring. Try balancing larger statement rings with a dainty necklace for a flawless balance. 

Fashion Rings: Make the Trend Your Own

With unique engagement rings slowly becoming more and more normalized, a bombe ring is a wonderful option. Diamond bombe rings were well-loved during the heyday of the cocktail rings and Prohibition. They were a way to establish class in a social setting and show off one’s personal style. 

One of the best ways to wear diamonds in a bombe ring is by finding pieces where the gems are close together. This can give the illusion of one big diamond with smaller, fragmented stones. 

You can even forgo the diamonds altogether and go for a very untraditional but personalized engagement ring. While diamond engagement rings are usually the standard, we love a good gemstone engagement ring. Think outside the box when designing the ideal ring! Exotic gemstones are a great way to stand out in the crowd of commonplace rings. 

How To Give a Ring as a Gift

Possibly the best feature of the bombe style is that they can be used in either women’s rings or men’s rings. They are common in signet ring designs. They have a genderless appeal to them, and since they are so easy to customize, they can be tailored to fit every hand differently. 

Bombe rings are a great gift if you’re looking to give someone a piece of birthstone jewelry. Since they usually have numerous types of gemstones mixed into one ring, they often include smaller fragments of each. This can allow you to add more than one birthstone into a single ring.

For example, you could give your wife a Mother’s Day ring that includes her birthstone and one for each of your children. A rainbow moonstone could celebrate a June birthday, while amethyst is synonymous with February. 

Another great way to give a bombe ring is as a promise ring. Since it has such a unique design, it won’t easily be mistaken for an engagement or wedding ring. Try giving one without a gemstone or diamond included. The simple band won’t feel as plain as a regular, flat ring. 

Play around with different band colors, like onyx and different inlays. The more personalized the ring is, the more special the gift feels. 

Quality Counts

Since bombe rings originated nearly a century ago, you’re bound to run into some vintage pieces while you shop. Vintage rings don’t always come with proof of original purchase either, and it might be hard to get a genuine appraisal down the line.

Rejuvenate your wardrobe, and a very special trend, with a modern bombe ring today.



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