Three Stone Paraíba and Diamond Ring


Three Stone Paraíba and Diamond Ring

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Size: One Size

Our Electric Blue Collection is an ode to the intense neon blue and green hues present in the extremely rare and prized Paraíba gem. As a member of the tourmaline family, its unparalleled color is impossible to replicate distinguishing it from most other gems in the world. Each jewel within this collection is meticulously crafted to highlight the gems lucid glow. An extraordinary collection highlighting an electrifying gem.

Crafted from 18kt gold, this ring is centered with a vivid 1.44 ct. oval shaped Paraíba and illuminated by two matching shield diamonds along with round diamonds embellishing the shank.

Metal: 18kt Gold
Paraíba Weight: 1.44 ct.
Diamond Weight: 0.79 ct.

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