La Mer

French for "the sea", our La Mer Collection captures the essence of the ocean by adorning some of its most magical creatures with one of natures most exotic gemstones.

Mark Henry's La Mer Collection

How do you find comfort in the ocean? It is one of the most beautiful, mystical, and expansive parts of Mother Earth. In fact, the ocean accounts for 71% of our planet's surface. Whether you prefer to stay on the sand, charter your own boat, or can’t wait for the weather to warm up so you can go for a dip, it is impossible not to let the nature of the sea overwhelm you.

There are obvious things that the ocean represents: tranquility, personal peace, and even sometimes unpredictability. Since the ocean is so vast, and so much of it is still undiscovered, it has the ability to make you question your reality and purpose. Even still, there are deeper reasons behind ocean symbolism and the iconography in artwork that goes along with it.

We are here to explore these different symbols, their ancient origins, and how they have been used in history. With this context, you will not only have a greater appreciation for the ocean itself but a clearer direction in how to find the perfectly meaningful sea-themed jewelry gift for a loved one.

Our Mark Henry La Mer Collection is your one-stop-shop for ocean jewelry with only the most exquisite, gemstone-lined pieces.