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Despite the evidence, It is crystal clear that one disproven theory about precious jewels somehow continues to prevail: the more heavily promoted, the more precious the gemstone must be. In reality, those that remain undiscovered tend to have the most intriguing, rich histories and contain the most desirable qualities. Because they are so rare, these coveted gemstones used to only trade hands among a select group of collectors who kept them off of the general population’s radar.

One of these magnificent treasures is the alexandrite stone, which is widely sought-after among industry savants and is rarely spoken about due to its ultra-limited availability. At Mark Henry, we have built our universe around an affinity for these freshly-mined novelties and laid the foundation for this niche market within the ultra-rare luxury gemstone universe. Our mission is to invite those from all walks of life and aesthetes who desire finer things to discover alexandrite. It is known as ‘emerald by day, ruby by night” for its color-changing duality. Mark Henry’s core values embody the gemstone’s distinctive harmonies.

Alexandrite is revered for its innate symbolic qualities of fulfillment, love, exploration, and connection. Through our fine jewelry designs, we strive to bring these qualities to the surface for you. Our creations are meant to go beyond the exterior level to forge a close relationship with our patrons and provide them with products they love and, most importantly, allow them to feel like the person they aspire to be.

Since our company’s founding in 2004, we have been a partner at a small, family run mine located in the southeast region of Brazil. Over the years, we have developed deep connections with them and intimately oversee the sourcing process to ensure optimal quality. Our vertically-integrated model enables us to be involved in every part of our gemstones’ journeys, including their sourcing, setting, and point of sale. This model allows us to ensure fair mining practices and easily communicate highly detailed knowledge with you!

At Mark Henry, we pride ourselves on pioneering this exclusive opportunity to experience these one-of-a-kind items. Along with our on-site gemologist to provide more insight on Alexandrite’s origins, defining characteristics, and selection criteria, the entire team is here to cater to all of your jewelry and gemstone-related desires.

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